Monday, May 15, 2006

Manga Chapter Books Arriving in Stores Fall 2006

Super cool!

You have no idea how many times I get requests for kid (not teen) friendly graphic novels. Unfortunately, once they've gone through Bone, I don't have much to offer other than the crappy cine-manga titles or a helping hand in finding kid-friendly super-hero comics in the adult section. Looks like that will be changing soon - Hurray!

(via The Beat at Comicon)


Ragnell said...

Try the Johnny DC books -- Justice League Unlimited, and such.

The JLU comic series is really good actually. So are the graphic novel collected of the other cartoon adaptions -- Batman Adventures, Gotham Adventures, Superman Adventures -- before they started putting the kid-safe logo there.

Mickle said...

Thanks! That will help a lot as well. I'll check and make sure my store has them when I to back to work tomorrow.