Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm Feeling Very Paranoid

I was wasting time checking out my blog stats and I discovered that someone who lives in the same town as my sister is reading my blog...and I'm not sure if it's my sister or not.

My mom and sister accidentaly discovered that I have a blog when I first started it, but as far as I know they forgot all about it and have never read it.

Damn...now I have to figure out what browser she and my brother-in-law use - without, um, explaining why I want to know.

Update: Ok, now I'm really getting paranoid - my brother could be reading my blog as well - and all the stats match so there's no way of knowing without striaght up asking.


lost clown said...

Which you might have just done, btw.

Mickle said...

I meant asking in person.

Asking online is one thing because then, if neither are reading this, I'm not giving anything away.

Asking in person will lead to curiousty and questions.

I don't mind knowing -I can even deal ok with them reading my blog - I just don't want to lead them here if they aren't already here.

Does that make any sense?

Ragnell said...

mickle -- Perfect sense to me