Thursday, May 18, 2006


My section is getting completely changed around in the next month or so.

(ok, well, not completely)

We are supposed to add a New Release bay to Young Readers. Audio is moving all the way across the room. Dr. Seuss is losing it's bay and getting a huge freestanding fixture that is going who knows where. Workbooks are merging with education (which means I don't have to deal with them anymore - woohoo!). And Teen fiction is losing space (yeah, that's going to work) which I'm insanely pissed about and plan to fight them tooth and nail on.

(See those non-workbook education bays? See that section in trade right across from education that you always complain is half empty? Move them there and leave my teen section alone. It accounts for at least 1% of the total store sales and summer is coming. I can't afford to lose any space right now. Seriously people, if you feel like I have enough room to spare that you're going to make me give Libros para Ninos two bays - even though most months the total revenue for that section is freakin' $0 - you can give me more than a few bays of regular teen fiction, which brings in around $3,000 a week.)

Oh, and kids is getting it's own manga section! yay! Now I have a simple answer to give people when they ask where the graphic novels for little kids (not teens) are. I like things that make my life easier and mean more fun stuff.

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