Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: The Trial Run

Ok, so we've got Friday Cat Blogging, Friday Random Ten, Sunday Garden Blogging, Sunday Battleship Blogging, Monday Baby Blogging and even sporadic Thursday "Left Behind" Blogging.

So, I thought last night, when I ran across an especially quote worthy passage in the short story I was reading, why not Wednesday Words of Wisdom? I can't promise that they will always be wise or even that they will always be posted on Wednesday, but I'm fairly certain that they will all contain words.

So, without further ado, here is your first Wednesday Words of Wisdom:

"Sylvester...claimed the sibling territory midway between Sarah, seventeen, and Jenny, thirteen. It was a lot of leeway, those four years between child and adult, and he roamed obnoxiously in it, scattering his thoughts at will for no other reason than that he was allowed to have them."

- from Jack O'Lantern by Patricia McKillip

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